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Russell Jones
Founder and Managing Director
FAB Learning GmbH

Russell Jones is the founder and managing director of FAB Learning, and the vision keeper behind College For A Better World. As such, he's looking to collaborate with passionate and creative people and organizations to have a positive impact on the world through the creation and curation of learning opportunities for a sustainable future. He's initiated and driven innovative and award-winning projects in the education and learning space in Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

Russell holds an MSc in Learning and Development for Sustainability from Middlesex University London with distinction. His dissertation entitled “How adult learners discover learning opportunities for Individual and Community Self-Sustenance” was based on his research study of the Swiss learning ecosystem. He is a learning designer, a learning design teacher, a curriculum developer and also a PIER-credentialed Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC), a Master Instructional Designer (ATD-credentialed), a PMP-certified project manager. 

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