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Do you want to share your knowledge and skills with others? More and more experts and enthusiasts are teaching courses in their areas of passion, whether as a hobby, to give back to society, to introduce their consulting services, to train their customers or to gain visibility for their businesses. Learn more


Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, also in environmental sustainability, threatening our very livelihoods. To solve them, we cannot use the same thinking that went into creating them. We need to open our hearts and minds, examine old unsustainable ways, and develop the courage, empathy and the will to learn innovative and sustainable ways of thinking, planning and acting. Learn more.

Office Conversation

Internationalization of Digital Learning

Tutorials, courses and educational modules, like any other content, contain ethnocentric aspects. These depreciate their quality and render them less effective. FAB Learning is developing a content internationalization course, targeted at content creators to sensitize them on these aspects, so that they will recognize when their content alienates their audiences. 


Increasing the Instructional Value of Tutorials

What if you could increase the instructional value of your social media-based tutorial? And what if you would see higher completion and feedback rates? Would you?  FAB Learning is developing a quality rubric for doing exactly that.

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